River Thames conditions at Hampton Court


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Times of sunrise and sunset

event time
0 dawn 04:16
1 sunrise 05:01
2 sunset 21:09
3 dusk 21:55

River conditions

This river conditions information is from https://www.gov.uk/guidance/river-thames-current-river-conditions and gets updated at 5am every day.

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River flow rate

Flow rate is the volume of water passing a point in a river per unit time. It is measured in cubic metres per second (m3/s), also known as Cumecs.

A flow rate of about 100 cumecs at Walton seems to be the range when yellow caution (stream increasing) appear, and higher than 150 cumecs when the red caution (strong stream) appear.

Water levels

What does the Sunbury lock water level mean at the club house?

5.05m : water lapping over step to club house, canoe drying area under water (all time peak reached on 2014-11-02)

4.95m : car park under water, canoe drying area a bit wet

4.50m : car park half under water, canoe drying area high and dry

4.00m : car park dry but river still in flood

3.19m : flooding possible in Sunbury

2.8m : river flow is strong, roughly 100 cumecs at Kingston, about the level where the yellow boards appear

2.4m : typical level when river flow is low

River closures and restrictions

River closure information is collated from https://www.gov.uk/guidance/river-thames-restrictions-and-closures and is not guaranteed to be accurate or up-to-date.

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